Senior School

Our Senior School builds on the strong foundation from the early childhood and middle school years. When equipped with a strong foundation, a carefully nurtured tree can finally yield the best fruits. Senior school allows our students the opportunity to grow into confident global citizens, while they pursue their dreams through academic and extracurricular achievements.
At Oxford, we believe in education beyond academic knowledge. Learning is a journey of self-discovery, towards the realization of individual abilities and passions. Oxford School gives students the opportunity to explore a wide variety of choices towards discovering who they want to be. Students participate in various international exchange programs and in-house events. Regular vocational guidance and counseling is provided to help students decide their future careers. We work very closely with parents and have regular Open Houses. Parents interact with teachers and are personally involved in the development of their child.
Oxford provides a warm and comforting environment where students are able to ease into the rigors of serious academic competition. Our teachers provide a strong support system and years of encouraging experience. In these formative years, students develop their own unique identity, sense of confidence and leadership qualities as they prepare to enter a global world.