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Extra curriculam

We promote extra-curricular activities at Oxford International School to encourage students to participate in activities outside of the classroom for their personal growth. Along with the academic curriculum, extracurricular activities are an important part of the educational environment in student life. It will assist students in broadening their thinking abilities as well as developing social skills that are important in an individual’s life. Sports, music, dance, and drama are examples of extracurricular activities that foster qualities such as confidence, competence, and team work. These activities are exciting because they will provide a break from regular study and allow students to develop a skill that will last a lifetime. It has a very positive impact on a student’s academic performance because it improves memory, problem-solving skills, and thinking ability, all of which are required for education. Moreover, students learn about time management, which is helpful for both personal and academic success. Our school emphasized such activities for the betterment of our students along with academic performance.

Extra Co-Curricular Activities

Extra co curricular


Our school offers a variety of extra-curricular activities to help students grow as individuals. It assists students in developing a new skill that they can use in their lives.


We always encouraged students to participate in sports at Oxford International School. It encourages teamwork and the development of good habits in students that are necessary for their personal growth. Furthermore, it teaches self-discipline and time management.

Dance & Music

During special occasions, special events are held at Oxford International School for students to understand the importance of the day. The event features various performances including music and dance. We always motivate our students to participate in such events as they are fun and exciting. Students become more creative, active, and social when they participate in such events.


Science Fair

At our school campus, science fairs are held to encourage students to become more interested in science. It assists students in improving their presentation skills and developing their communication skills. The science debate competition helps students improve their critical thinking skills.

Art Competition

Oxford International School holds art competitions to encourage students to do their best and showcase their talents. By participating in such competitions, students can learn about their talents. It also encourages students to try to improve their talents and creativity. Students will remember these enjoyable activities for the rest of their lives as valuable learning experiences.