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Oxford International School

At Oxford, students are encouraged to be themselves and explore without boundaries. Oxford School will teach your children to think, explore and learn with joy. Oxford is committed for the ambitious growth and development of the child not only in terms of its curricular and pastoral provision but also in terms of its physical facilities for teaching and learning. Underpinning everything that we do, is the aim that each pupil not only gets fulfilment and enjoyment from their school years but leaves the school with an understanding and value of self, with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the wider world after school years. That success depends not only on high academic and extra-curricular achievement but also on having acquired the necessary human skills and values that will enable them to operate in a global society.

Who We Are


Leaders for Tomorrow

Our vision is to develop and empower youth to become collaborative leaders and productive members of society through our motto, “Leaders for Tomorrow”.
At Oxford, we have developed an excellent road map to build a cohesive education system. Here, the focus is to set up schools of international standards, providing quality education and high moral values. At Oxford, we constantly strive to encourage diversity in our school. Students of all communities are welcome into the Oxford Family and this provides a great learning environment for our children. Oxford School’s dedication to learning is reflected in the world-class quality of our teachers, environment, and infrastructure facilities. We are committed for International achievements not only in the area of academics but also in sports.



We make the most of each student’s potential.

Our mission is to facilitate the development of global citizens, i.e., individuals with confidence who are able to contribute to community life, build tolerance, and deal with emotional quotients.
The excellent management of Oxford International School has gathered years of dedicated experience in the field of education and is a well-knit network of academicians, researchers, and professionals. Our global perspective and research have enabled us to understand the changing dynamics of education in society and plan for the future. In the coming years, we will be facilitating our students’ enrollment in higher education courses such as Engineering, Astronomy, Medicine, Management, and many more.
We pray and owe our eternal gratitude to the Almighty God for the success of our students. More than ever, we will thank you, our parents, for putting your trust in our capable hands.