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Oxford International School boasts an excellent infrastructure to provide your child with a positive learning experience. Our campus takes all the necessary steps to maintain a respectful and appreciative school environment. The school fulfills all the needs of students so that they can enhance their knowledge and their critical thinking abilities. Each of our school labs is equipped with modern technology to provide quality education. A variety of facilities are available on our school campus, including spacious classrooms for students to concentrate fully on their studies without any interruption. Along with the academic curriculum, we offer extracurricular activities to help students grow mentally and physically.

Spacious Class Rooms

At Oxford International School, we have designed our campus as such that classrooms are spacious enough.


For a better learning experience, our school has a well-organized library. It offers a wide range of study materials and encourages students to read. Furthermore, it benefits students academically and increases their thinking ability.

Well-Equipped Science Labs

Our science labs are equipped with the latest technology to meet all of the needs of students in their learning environment.

Ample Water Supply

To provide students with a high-quality education, our school provides all the educational resources and materials they need. We have a well-established water system, so students won’t face any difficulties while studying.

Computer Labs with Internet Access

The Oxford International School’s computer labs come fully outfitted with the newest hardware and software. Students have access to internet-connected computers in each lab, which makes the education system more flexible and simple to understand.

Sports Facilities

Sports are a required component of the curriculum at our school to maintain the physical and mental well-being of our students. It encourages students to acquire new abilities and a positive outlook that help in their personal development.