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A curriculum based on NCERT guidelines is followed by Oxford International School. At Oxford International School, we emphasis on providing students with a high-quality education that will help them grow as an individual. We have a well-structured educational system based on latest curricular programs to ensure the student’s overall development. We teach moral and ethical values and help them develop thinking skills by conducting various activities. We also organize extracurricular activities for a student’s mental and physical development which is also necessary along with education.

Extra curriculam

Curriculum Programs


In the first school years, a child is but a young, tender seed. At Oxford, we take care to plant the seed carefully, water it and nurture the delicate sapling into a strong and majestic tree.


Primary School is the foundation for a strong future. If early childhood is the nurturing soil, primary school is where the sapling is tented with water and sunlight on its journey to grow into a strong plant.


Our Senior School builds on the strong foundation from the early childhood and middle school years. When equipped with a strong foundation, a carefully nurtured tree can finally yield the best fruits.