Primary School

Primary School is the foundation for a strong future. If early childhood is the nurturing soil, primary school is where the sapling is tented with water and sunlight on its journey to grow into a strong plant. This is the stage where the foundation of learning is laid. At Oxford, we take pride in adopting the challenging, yet rewarding task of fostering confidence, curiosity and creativity in a child. Our primary students are encouraged to develop intellectual, social, and emotional skills. We guide our students to break boundaries and develop sound judgement, while preparing them to achieve high academic standards.
Apart from the daily core subjects in language, mathematics, science and social studies, Oxford offers classes in art, music, world languages, physical education and technology. Soft skills are another important focus in these early years. Students gain fluency in writing, presentation, debate and discussion. At Oxford we believe that education should not be confined to the four walls of a classroom. Hands-on learning outside the classroom through field trips, expeditions and community service open a window to the outside world inspiring students to lead more fulfilled Moreover; we recognize the importance of friendship and grow activity. Cooperative activity is one of the essential forms of engagement and learning from peers is highly encouraged. Thus, in primary school, we strive to foster the development of skills that contribute to students’ personal and academic success for a brighter future.