Montessori School

In the first few years of school, a child is but a young, tender seed. At Oxford, we take care to plant the seed carefully, water it, and nurture the delicate sapling into a strong and majestic tree. Our early childhood school works with six key skills to build a strong foundation for future success. Independence and self-confidence are achieved through a variety of joyful activities like Show And Tell, Fancy Dress, Role Play, Telephonic Skills, Dancing, Singing, and Recitation.
At Oxford, we focus on a holistic approach and a playful environment. Here, play is a part of teaching, with students involved in theatre and puppetry as well as various sports activities for hand-eye coordination. We also play educational and memory games with students such as sorting objects of the same size colour and shape. These activities help develop problem-solving, logical thinking, decision-making, and concentration in the child. Thus, at Oxford, we believe that early childhood school is the foundation for a successful life.

Oxford International School

At Oxford, students are encouraged to be themselves and explore without boundaries. Oxford School will teach your children to think, explore and learn with joy. Oxford is committed for the ambitious growth and development of the child not only in terms of its curricular and pastoral provision but also in terms of its physical facilities for teaching and learning.

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